A Little About

My Photography Style

I believe everyone has a story. A personal ‘footprint in time’ that should be captured visually to be shared, enjoyed, and treasured for years to come. You can forever remember the way someone’s nose crinkled when they smiled, their curly hair, chiclet teeth, baby toes… all the things.

Let them be little! I am a big advocate for letting kids be kids, especially during photo sessions. There’s no need to stress if your kids want to run around and be wild. During sessions, I always let the kids be the drivers in order to capture the happiest and most authentic emotions. They need a little time to warm up? No problem! They get a little dirt on their pants? We’ll go with it! Don’t like to dress up in the latest fashions? Then don’t!

I hope you get the idea. Your family is perfect just the way they are, and that’s what I want you to remember when you look at your photos. I consider my style to be timeless and authentic, and I whole-heartedly believe that photo sessions should be a fun experience, not stressful or intimidating! Let me help you make that happen. It is my privilege to become part of your life and preserve your story through beautiful images!

A Little About


I started babysitting when I was 10 (it was the 90s, haha). I have always loved babies and kids. When I was 12, I took disposable cameras from several tables at my cousin’s wedding and filled them with random pictures (sorry, Carmen). Photographing families and babies has always felt like a natural fit! I have been a professional photographer for 12 years, and my business has ebbed and flowed with me as I have gone from a young adult that started out taking pictures of my niece and nephew while I was a full time behavioral therapist, to a wife and mom of two littles that keep me busy, creating a business that works for me and my family.


I moved to the Bay Area in March 2020 (yikes!) after spending most of my life in the Midwest (minus a semester in London during college). I’m a lover of warm sunshine and traveling. Small talk makes me ridiculously uncomfortable, so if you choose to hire me, I hope you’re ready to swap life stories during our session!